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If you work around liquids - leaks, drips and spills are inevitable. We’re here to help, with a PIG Absorbent Mat for any mess you’ve got: oils, water, fuels, chemicals, coolants, solvents and more. Our legendary mats absorb quickly and last 2X longer than ordinary mats. They’re handy to grab when a mess happens, or leave them down to catch leaks and drips over time. Join industry professionals worldwide and reach for the #1 Mat Brand to keep your workplace clean, safe and productive. Not sure where to start? See our How to Choose Guide to get started!

If you’ve got leaks and spills, we’ve got the PIG Absorbent pads and rolls to master your messes. Whether they’re oils, fuels, solvents, coolants, chemicals or water, super-tough PIG Absorbent Mats absorb them fast, lock them in and last 2X longer than ordinary mats. Just put them down and leave them down until they’re saturated. You’ll save money by using fewer pads, and keep your facility safe with less work.

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