4 Steps to Choose the Right Flammable Safety Cabinet


Clean up all loose absorbents, rags and other debris around the source of the leak. Hold each sock by its ends and shake to evenly distribute filler. This will create better surface contact.


Make sure your PIG Socks have direct contact with the floor and the liquid being absorbed. Don't stack socks on top of each other. When placing end-to-end, overlap them by 3".


If it ain't soaked, don't pitch it! Let the sock work until it's saturated. Replace the sock when you see liquid seeping out from underneath.

PIG Socks and Booms surround leaks and spills to stop them from spreading.

Struggling to stop spreading spills? Surround and capture leaks and spills before they can escape with our absorbent socks and booms. Capture everyday leaks of oils, coolants, solvents and water with our Original Absorbent Sock - great for surrounding machine bases. Oil spills on water? Water-repellent PIG Oil-Only Boom floats to soak up spills on water. And our PIG Blue Sock is extra-dense to form a solid barrier to stop spills.

Whether you’re staying ahead of a steady leak or dealing with a sudden spill, we’ve got the socks and booms you need to do the job right. Surround oils, fuels, solvents and chemicals to soak them up and stop their escape. They’re tough, absorbent and made to last. After all, we invented them! For oil cleanups on water, our absorbent booms for water float to surround and soak up spills - without taking in a drop of water. PIG Quick-Deploy Oil-Only Absorbent Booms hug the ground for spills on land, and they’re UV-resistant, so you can leave them outside long-term.

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