Find the perfect Spill Kit - 4 easy steps

So, you just bought a spill kit. High five! Now what?

First, put your kit where you're likely to have a spill and make sure you can see and get to it easily.

Next, open your kit and take a look at what's inside. We pack the socks, booms, mats, pillows and other supplies in the order you need them so that you can respond quickly.

Finally, create a plan that outlines who will respond to spills and what procedures they will follow. The steps below will get you started:

Step 1: Confine the spill

Create a barrier around the outside of the spill with the socks or booms.

Step 2: Stop the flow

Find where the liquid is coming from and shut down the source.

Step 3: Clean up the mess

Working from the outside to the inside of the spill, use the absorbents in the kit to clean up.

Step 4: Dispose of used absorbents

Secure the saturated absorbents in the yellow temporary disposal bags provided in your spill kit and dispose of them in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.

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New Pig Spill Kits are packed with the best absorbents to handle any type of spill.

Is it your job to make sure that a manageable mishap doesn’t create a spill catastrophe? Steer clear of EPA fines — stock your facility with PIG Spill Kits and you’ll be ready for any situation. We pack our kits for rapid response to spills of MRO liquids, fuels, gas, water, petroleum, diesel, hazardous chemicals and battery acid.

Comply with Spill Plan regs, avoid fines and be ready to respond to any type and size of spill with PIG Spill Kits. They’re the only ones packed with PIG Mats, Socks, Pillows and Loose in the type and size of container that works best for you: bags, buckets, overpacks, wheeled bins and more. PIG Universal Spill Kits - also called MRO - soak up the widest range of liquids including oils, coolants, solvents and water. PIG Oil Spill Kits absorb oil-based liquids but repel water for quick spill cleanup indoors or out. PIG HazMat Kits contain specially treated absorbents to soak up hazardous chemicals without degrading or reacting. We carry specialized spill response kits for battery acid, mercury and more - plus Truck Spill Kits designed to fit in truck cabs and compartments. And our newest line of Forklift Spill Kits is specially designed to easily strap onto and detach from a forklift or tow motor for quick, on-the-spot spill response.

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