Oils, fuels or chemicals heading for your drain? Super-tough PIG DrainBlocker Drain Covers are the only ones that truly seal out liquids.

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Protect drains and derail disasters.

Protecting your drains is serious business, and it starts with products you can trust. PIG-approved drain protection and stormwater management solutions to contain, confine, stop and filter liquids are made to do one job: keep contaminants out of your drains and our water supply. They can help you comply with EPA Stormwater and SPCC regs, but they’re also great components to add to your stormwater Best Management Practices. If you manage liquids, we’ll help you keep your drains safe. Click to shop and learn more about our drain protection solutions below.

Facing a sudden spill, steady leak, or storm runoff picking up oils, pollutants, heavy metals, sediment and debris? These all could end badly: down a storm drain or straight into a waterway. Use PIG spill and stormwater capture products like Berms, Drain Seal Covers & Plugs, Filters, and Oil-Water Separators to prepare for emergencies and manage liquids responsibly.

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