Ask These Questions When Choosing Wipers, Shop Towels or Rags

1. What tasks will they be used for?

Wiping: Cleaning up small spills or removing oil from smooth surfaces - go with inexpensive, absorbent wipers or rags that contain cellulose.

Cleaning: Scrubbing or removing dirt, stains or adhesives - look for strong, coarse wipers, shop towels or rags that don't shred easily.

Surface Prep: Removing lint or other contaminants from a surface before painting - choose microfibers or other synthetic fibers and low-lint wipers without binders.

Sanitizing: Removing germs from surfaces, often with sanitizing chemicals - look for wipers or rags with good wet strength.

2. What's the work environment?

Big cardboard boxes of rags work well in production areas - they're easy to find and provide a ton of product. Wipers in pop-up boxes or on rolls save space on trucks. And 1/4 -folded wipers are great for vending machines or supply rooms - they're pre-counted for easy dispensing.

Find everything you need to know about choosing the right wipers, shop towels or rags.

Mark the Spot Not Your Floor.

PIG-approved wipers offer superior performance for any job.

Do you know what’s in those rental shop towels? Make a clean break from high-risk residue with our wide range of top-performing wipers and rags. You’ll find PIG Disposable Wipers in the perfect weight and material for every task — from scrubbing and polishing to special applications. And our new and reclaimed WorkWipes Rags are screened, sized and scanned to make sure every single one is 100% usable.

Whatever the wiping job, we’ve got the top-quality, top-performing wipers and rags you need. Our Performance Rating system makes it easy to match the best balance of strength, absorbency and chemical resistance to every task — at the right price. Our Specialty Wipers excel at high-demand tasks like working with strong solvents or precision optics. Eco-friendly rags are made from reclaimed post-consumer materials including T-shirts, sweatshirts, denim, flannel, healthcare linen and more. And all of our rags are double scanned for metallic content and screened for printing, so you never have to worry about contamination or poor performance.

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