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Keep liquids out: seal drains shut or block pipes with removable plugs.

In a spill emergency or during routine washdowns, preventing liquids from going down your drains is non-negotiable (especially if you need to comply with SPCC and Stormwater Regs). But that doesn’t mean you have to pour cement down your drains to seal them shut. Our reusable, removable Drain Plugs create a liquid-tight, chemical-resistant seal in seconds to keep liquids out. Or use an Inflatable Pipe Plug to temporarily block just about any pipe during repairs or in the event of a spill.


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PIG® Conical Drain Plug

  • Fits 3" Dia. Drains



  • For 5.5" to 16" Dia. Pipes


PIG® Conical Drain Plug

  • Fits 6" Dia. Drains



  • For 3.5" to 8" Dia. Pipes


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PIG® Conical Drain Plug

  • Fits 2" Dia. Drains


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PIG® Conical Drain Plug

  • Fits 3.5" Dia. Drains


PIG® Conical Drain Plug Kit

  • Fits 2" to 4" Dia. Drains

Sealing off drains and pipes can help you meet EPA regs. Get a little help from our friends on this page: PIG Conical Drain Plugs wedge in drains up to 6" and Multi-Flex Inflatable Pipe Plugs block off pipes up to 24" in diameter. If you’re looking for a rubber floor drain plug, our polyurethane plugs offer additional chemical resistance and guarantee a liquid-tight seal. And their low-profile, under-the-grate design means you can leave them in place and they won’t interrupt your daily operations.

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